Friday, February 4, 2011

Life Saver

No pool would be complete without Lifeguards. I’ve come to know all the ones that work at The Plunge.  They’re all a great group of people and because we’re always friendly and joking it’s easy to forget that they’re there to save your life if something happens. 

This is Bridget.  She is a bad ass, no doubt and she can certainly save your life. She's usually smiling and laughing, but I wanted to see the more focus, serious side of her and she gave it to me in a flash.  Personally,  I find it comforting that she’s studying pre med! She’s also incredibly warm and friendly and a total pro. 

I typically shoot at the pool after-hours and there has to be a lifeguard on watch.  I’m sure the last thing they want to do is hang around and wait for me to take my portraits. Bridget is pretty much with me most weekends when I shoot the swimmers. She waits patiently and is always  great about letting me wait for the light to get sweet.  She moves the lane lines and ropes (eternal nightmare for the guards) and is always-easy going all the while keeping her eyes on us.  Sometimes, she even let’s me take a swim with no one in the pool, which is pure joy for me. 

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