Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Art Grusensky

This is what I imagine a Craigslist posting would say if a talent agent were trying to cast Art Grusensky as himself. 
Outgoing narcissist wanted for photography project. Must like Speedos, dogs and self very much. Use of hands while talking and ability to interrupt conversation with wildly animated, bodily gesticulation, and therefore disrupt photography session, a plus.  Ability to do embarrassing yoga positions in public and play the saxophone also a plus.  

But, luckily for me, I don’t need to post such a request, because I have already met the real Art G. and experienced him in all his glory.  

Art is not like unlike your neighborhood yellow Lab. He’s bold, agile and can materialize beside you, in an instant. He’s fond of loudly busting in on conversations and pontificating about his desires to travel to remote and distant lands. Currently, it seems that anything that ends in STAN, is on his list. Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and possibly Djibouti, for fun.  Much like a dog that wants to take possession of an unfamiliar leg, you’re happy to see him but equally happy to see him on his merry way.    

I believe Art is happiest when he’s talking about himself. It probably wouldn’t be a stretch to call Art a bit of a narcissist. (Can you be just "a bit of a narcissist?").  I feel comfortable writing that because I have a feeling that Art would proudly approve such a statement. 

The great thing about Art is that he is so comfortable with himself and he photographs very well, making him an ideal subject.  He is very much an extrovert and despite his navel gazing tendencies is fun to talk with. 

Art Grusensky
Pet Vet

What I didn’t know about Art when I first met him, was that he is a Vet and, as I personally witnessed, is amazing with people as well as pets.  But, as you can imagine, there’s more to Art than what you see in these pictures. Oh yes, he has his passions, his art,  and he's very happy to share his philosophy with you, as he did with me, in this video. 

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