Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dan Castle

As you can see, Dan Castle, is incredibly fit.  He was a good sport and came out on a very cold day to bare all for me, but that’s pretty much how swimmers are. We swim all year long, rain or shine. Of course, it’s easier to swim year-round outdoors, here in sunny or stormy Los Angeles, but it still can get very cold as it was on this particular day.

I was working quickly because the potential for a rare, torrential downpour was imminent. To keep warm or perhaps simply because he can, Dan, bulging quads and all, happily engaged in some yoga poses.  

See what I mean about the lack of Speedo shyness. Amazing.

Incase you were wondering, the backside of his Speedo says, Bondi Icebergs. Dan spent a year in Australia directing his first feature film, Newcastle, which is about a bunch of hunky surfers.

 And, with just about zero body fat, he was starting to shiver, but not before I asked him to jump in the pool and swim for me, which of course, he had no problem doing.

Dan Castle
Filmmaker and artist 

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