Thursday, November 11, 2010

Teri Muttera

When I first laid eyes on Teri what I sensed about her immediately was her natural athleticism. Just the way she carried herself. She walked with a complete sense of ease and profound understanding of how all the parts interconnect. There are lots of people walking around in the world who do not possess their physical selves. Teri is not one of them.  As the inevitable disrobing took place, my suspicion about Teri, was quickly confirmed.  She is quite the profound athlete and has the legs and biceps to prove it, but more than that, she has the will and drive required to generate them. As I would later find out, she literally spends hours a day working out—for fun. And, of course, this seemed to make perfect sense somehow.  

I wondered, on this particularly Siberian day, if she would have the will and drive to climb out of her warm, fuzzy clothes and stand before me in her bikini.  By comparison to her daily five hour workouts, this surly would be a simple request? But, the look on her face….  I don’t think she was too convinced of my plans.


As I waited patiently for her slip out of her clothes, it occurred to me that this is how most men must feel ninety percent of the time. Finally, the object of their desire stands before them and then, the interminable wait, for the skin to appear.  Oh, the anticipation!  And all I wanted was a photograph!  Pants off! Excellent.  Quickly, I shot a test. Nice legs. 

Notice how she’s gritting her teeth? Perhaps some men are also familiar with this look as well? I had to hurry for sure. Here she is wearing her highly coveted, custom-made wetsuit that is a swimsuit.  Most desirable winter swimming object that I asked her to remove.  She kindly obliged.

Brave girl.  All in all, I think I had her out there for fifteen minutes. 

Teri Muttera
Amatuer Athlete and Art Collector

What you don’t know about Teri, is that she and her husband are intense art collectors. When she is not working out, Teri, is absorbing art in any way, shape and form she can. 

Here is a little sample... two of my favorites and a sneak peak into their beautiful bedroom. Teri's husband, Michael, has done all the restoration on their house and it's quite beautiful. Especially, the Japanese garden. This is one of the best parts of getting to know my swimmers. I get invited into their lives and homes and often, as in this case, make wonderful new friends. 

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