Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Welcome To The Secret Life of Swimmers


Blake Allmendinger 

The "Secret Life of Swimmers” is a personal photography project that aims to promote the diversity and importance of the unique public space that is The Culver City Plunge Pool.   It is designed as an inspiring presentation, since the pool occupies an important position in the varied and often daunting landscape of greater Los Angeles County.  

In a metropolitan area of freeways, strip malls and infinite geographical miles of concrete, many of us are searching for a human connection.  In these tough economic times, public spaces take on a new importance as integral to the lives and social experience of a diverse array of Los Angeles residents.  The importance of this project is heightened because these public spaces are now threatened by cutbacks and closures. 

“The Secret Life of Swimmers” is a series of both realistic and inspiring photographs which will show how people of all ages, backgrounds, physical abilities and diverse careers find common ground in a single public space—the Culver City Plunge Pool.   Here, they come to shed the trappings and trials of their daily lives for an hour or two of relaxation, socialization, exercise and communication. They come from every corner of Los Angeles County to literally shed their varied daily workaday uniforms for nothing but the basics—a swimsuit and pair of goggles and perhaps a pair of fins.  In this sense, the pool becomes a great equalizer.  Everyone old or young, rich or poor, athletic or not, is simply A Swimmer.

I am excited to share with you the behind the scenes chronicles of this on going project and reveal to you some of the wonderful people I am lucky enough to photograph.


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